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Getting married? planning a big event and not sure what kind of video booth or photo booth to rent? video booths and photo booths are both great options for your wedding, depending on what you’re looking for. video booths capture video clips as opposed to a snapshot from a photo booth. video booth video clips can be shared via text, email, or airdrop so every guest gets a copy of his video clip.

Let us explain the options

What is a 360 Video Booth?

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When it comes to creating an unforgettable experience, there’s no match for the 360 video booth. Widely called a “video booth,” this innovative technology actually captures slow-motion videos that are perfect for your next entertainment or event goals! Users step onto one of our platforms while they watch their surroundings get recorded in high definition (HD) with 120 frames per second – giving you crisp images and videos in motion all at once, It adds excitement and personality to the client’s live event or brand experience, making them stand out from other companies and events in their industry!

There is nothing more memorable than a special moment captured in slow motion. Angels Music 360 Video Booth will help you relive those unforgettable moments and create lasting memories with our custom graphic templates that can be overlayed on top of the video footage for an even higher level of creativity! it’s perfect for weddings, birthdays parties, corporate events, brand activations – you name it we got this covered.

How To Use 360 Photo Booth?

when you take a video with a 360 Video Booth make sure to look at the camera all the time and stay active, the video will look much better when you have eye contact with the camera, smile, dance, and keep moving as long as the camera taking the video. don’t jump because it can break the machine or cause a shakes in the video. once the camera is finished taking the video you can choose how to send it to your phone via Text, Email, or Airdrop so you can share it with your friends and family on social media.

360 Video Booth average rental cost is 250$-500$ per hour including a personalized template for your event, red carpet, VIP poles, onsite attendant, and unlimited HD videos Taken at your events

What is Halo Photo Booth?

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Halo Photo booths are a great way to get your guests engaged and serve as an icebreaker at events. They’re not just fun for the person taking the picture; everyone can have some good time and creativity with all of their prop options! These will be memories created by participants who take home something special from this experience – like photos taken right alongside you or other memorable moments caught on camera during your event.

There’s always a need for fun and excitement at events. Why not bring that with you? Host an unforgettable party by renting our Halo photo booth! Your guests will be able to have their own personalized memories, which is perfect if they’re looking for something more than just taking pictures at a party or during family gatherings. It’ll really make those who attend appreciate all of the time spent together, Our Halo Photo Booths will make an unforgettable experience that is sure to give people something new in terms of interactive ways to take photos!

How to Use the Halo Photo Booth?

Let’s start by saying that there is no right way or wrong way to do this. just recommendations. Stand in front of the Halo Photo Booth, Choose your preferred filter or digital props, press start, get into a position and take the picture, if you like the picture continue to print it, if you don’t like it, delete it and take a new picture, once you are happy with the picture taken, you can choose to print it or share it VIA Text, Email or Airdrop.

What Is the average price of a Halo Photo booth?

The average price range for Halo Booth rental is 150$- 250$ per hour including unlimited prints or 100$-200$ per hour including only text, email, and social share,

Pros and Cons: The Differences between Video and Photo Booth

Photo Booth Pros and Cons

With a photo booth, you can use different effects and filters to add to your pictures, photo booths capture one moment in time, video booths capture multiple moments in time. Both video booth and Photo Booth can be customized to suit your event!

photo booth normally costs less than a video booth or video booth prices. video booths video requires a person working the booth and you will pay for their time. photo booth price can be cheaper because all you need is a camera and props to take fun photos with and then print them out once they are done. video booth prices vary depending on what type of video or video clips you want to capture in your event. video booths can include other props that will go into the videos.

photo booths are often available with prints, video booths don’t provide any prints. with photo booths, you can also get different types of printouts from your pictures like stickers, magnets, keychains, and other fun memorabilia.

Photo booths can also allow for different prints from your photo session.

Photo booths offer a variety of different prints. Video booths only offer video, which can be shared via text or email, or video messaging apps.

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More Fun and Cost Less

photo booths are more fun than video booths because you get to act goofy with your friends and family for a little bit of time. photo booths encourage bigger group photos while the video booth video can capture 1-3 people in a video. video booths can capture special moments during your wedding. video booths have many different props to choose from, video booths let you capture the party atmosphere. Photo booths offer many features like digital props and filters to choose from for your special day.

photo booth printouts are great to take home with you at the end of the night. photo booth print-out strips come in different designs or styles that match your wedding theme or color scheme.

photo booths give you an idea of what your party was like by offering different styles of prints or strips. video booths allow you to take home a video recording of the night for your friends and family to enjoy.

photo booths can be set up anywhere in your venue that has power. photo booth prints are great keeps and you can even get them on magnets to use around your home. photo booth prints give you an instant, tangible keepsake of your party to enjoy later and show off to friends. video booths do not offer prints or photo strips, but they allow you to take home video clips of the night’s events.

photo booths offer photo strips that guests can take home while video booths offer video clips so people can share them via social media, photo booths are better for smaller parties and are More Cost-Effective.

360 Video Booth Pros And Cons

360 video booth video length is a few seconds to a minute or two long. Some photo booths can capture video as well, but they can’t be customized with a template like a Video Booth. video booth clips are only video normally in slow motion. Some video booths allow for different types of video like slow motion, fast forward, rewind, boomerang, and other effects.

360 Video booths cost more and take longer to set up and bigger space area to operate. A video booth offers more options for video length. It comes in handy for social events where people are not there to watch long video clips but instead share moments with friends and family.

The video booth 360 can capture videos without prints and share them via airdrop, text, or email. Photo booths can offer prints with your photos so every guest gets a copy of his picture. The video booth offers longer videos or shorter videos or clips without any prints. Some companies make it possible to combine both options

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360 video booth is the alternative to photo booths, 360 degree video booth is great for events with large groups of people so every guest can view the video afterward. video booths can easily occupy a corner at the venue and it comes with red carpet, VIP Poles, lighting and Unlimited HD Videos to be taken at your event. video booths are generally good for parties over around 25 people.


Which One Should I Choose? Can I Have Both?

Another option is to have both. This allows you to capture still shots for future memories and exciting videos of the wedding party’s special moments. These videos can be watched over and over again by you, your new spouse, your family, friends, and anyone who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

We think that both photo booths and video booths are essential for any wedding or special event. We suggest choosing a company that offers both options.

That way you can have both video and video to remember your wedding day. If a photo booth is more your style, then the video booth will offer video clips for those who don’t want a print. The video option can also be used as a photo booth if you purchase prints from the company. Photo booths are great for capturing moments with family and friends at your event. Last year you guys went with a photo booth, but this year the 360 video booth is trendy.

That’s all for now. We hope you found this blog helpful and informative. What do you think about 360 Video Booths? Have you had a chance to try one out? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages.

we offer both 360 video booths and photo booths at weddings and other events in Los Angeles so you can have all your video or photo booth needs to be covered!

thanks for reading! be sure to check out our video booth video samples on our website’s gallery page. contact us today to book your wedding video booth!

We love getting feedback from our readers, and we always appreciate your thoughts and insights. Until next time, have a great day!



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